How to create strategic plan for SEO

As an entrepreneur or a business owner, you know the importance of creating a strategic plan for marketing. Do you have strategic plan for SEO? This is really important for your business.

Developing a Strategic plan for SEO is not much difficult, but requires some time. Well, the time invested to design a strategic plan for SEO will definitely bring benefits for your business.

Let us know about some secrets to a successful strategic plan for SEO Set goals for an effective strategic plan for SEO as it is quite important for the success of your business. After you learn the basics of SEO, you can set the goals perfectly.

Tips – For setting Goals

  • Be comprehensive when it comes to your goals and to do so include a deadline (a date) for a particular task that should be completed accordingly.

  • Be realistic while setting dates for your goals- Allow yourself to get enough time in order to complete a task, but avoid allotting too much time to a task.
  • Keep a track on your goals and keep updating you goals as required.
  • Be sure about you objective behind completing a SEO program

Setting goals becomes the first step towards building a powerful and successful strategic plan for SEO campaign. Without goals it is very difficult to create an effective and successful strategic plan for SEO.

How your competitors are marketing?

Conducting an analysis on competitor and his website is an important step in strategic plan for SEO. In order to find out what should be done for a successful strategic plan for SEO, you should find out where your competitor and you stand in the domain of SEO techniques. Carry out a detailed research on the activities of your competitor. Are the competitors successful in the SEO campaign they are running or you think there is a possibility for them to improve in some areas. What is the status of your website?

Setting goals becomes the first step towards building a powerful and successful strategic plan for SEO campaign.

Establishment – SEO Budget

This is a crucial step and must be decided before you start with strategic plan for SEO. You must decide the amount you can spend to determine whether you can complete a competitive SEO campaign or whether your plan needs modification. A few amounts that you need to incur are

  • Submission to niche directory
  • Submission to search engines
  • Submission to directories -RSS feed
  • Article marketing
  • Blogging
  • Web content
  • Press releases
  • Web analytics
  • Fees for SEO consulting
  • Web analytics
  • Newsletters
  • Web content
  • Traffic ranking
  • Link building
  • Fees for setting up social bookmarking
  • Keyword Analysis/Competition
  • Web design/development
  • Conversion analysis


While you may think of moving faster with a competitive strategic plan for SEO, your budget might say different. It is important to stick to your budget else problems can occur. It is important to decide the amount you can spend and accordingly plan SEO campaign. You may need to remove some steps. Planning this in advance can lead to a successful campaign.

Moving ahead without concentrating on your budget can halt your SEO campaign. This can happen as you have invested all your money during the initial stages of the SEO campaign and will have to stop when you are short of funds. If you plan carefully and wisely you will be able to invest in important techniques of SEO first and then later to move to other steps.

You should prioritize so that you can make right decisions on which steps needs to be postponed or eliminated and which ones need to be executed. Some of the important tasks that you need to implement are * Content development * Website updates/revisions * Keyword research

Remember, if you make any changes in your budget, you also need to make changes to the goals to adjust them accordingly.

It is very important to build a plan and accordingly implement in a particular order.

Developing a schedule for SEO strategic plan

It is vital to prepare a schedule for SEO strategic plan. This will help your SEO project move ahead without any delays. Once you make the changes to the goals set as per the budget, you can use the list of goal to plan a schedule.

Without a proper schedule you will end up spending more time that you planned for on a particular task, which can slip more money out of your pocket.

It is very important to build a plan and accordingly implement in a particular order.

All businesses need

  • Planning
  • Initiation
  • Implementation

A plan should be designed to determine the goal and accomplish the task. These tasks are not a onetime task. You need to do it again and again to get positive results. So plan it well and implement your SEO plans to make most out of SEO techniques.